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Thanks for commenting!

Unless something’s broken (does that ever happen?), this page should only show up once per person. If it keeps bugging you in the future, please let me know. Just so you know: I appreciate the time you’ve taken to let me know what you think. Or ask a question. Or communicate with somebody else who happened to post here.

Whatever it was you did, I’m glad you did it. Probably.

Meanwhile: what I really want out of this site is to get my fiction in front of readers who otherwise might miss it. If you haven’t already checked it out, please consider trying a free download of my short story Thursday Night Game (zipped PDF, MOBI & EPUB). If you’re on a reader right now and the ZIP file is inconvenient, the story’s free pretty much everywhere anyway. I have links to various retailers on this page.

Other neat stuff: I have a new-release mailing list which is used only as described but also sometimes includes a freebie or special offer. And another list if you’d like blog notifications via email. Oh, and new free fiction posted every Wednesday for a year starting 7/31/2013.

Beyond that, if you use an RSS reader you can subscribe to the blog by clicking on the whiz-bang-flashy thing below.

Caveat Lector

Thanks, and I hope this wasn’t too annoying. If it was? Let me know and I’ll do something else.