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Privacy book going scary-well!

betaIt’s funny to remember that I thought it would just be a blog post about some of the computer-hackery stuff in Bleed on the Sky. Then I thought…well…maybe 12,000 words or so, definitely worth making it into a short ebook.

Well, it’s over 30K words now, and I won’t be terribly surprised if it ends up hitting 50K. There’s just so much to say, and I guess I’m writing the book I wish I could read, same as always–only nonfiction this time.

Anyway, no big deal, but I wanted to tell you guys I’m having a blast with it. And if you happen to be a techie-sort of person (or, even better, a non-techie with a strong interest in online privacy) and think you might be able to read something like this fairly quickly? I’m looking for beta readers. Contact me via the site, or reply to the email if you get this that way, or DM me on Twitter, or whatever.

I’m probably going to start the Bleed edits either tomorrow or the next day. Not expecting to hear much more than I already have from that set of readers. So…the ebook, at least, ought to be ready pretty soon!

Now I’m wondering what I’ll write next. I kind of don’t care, because I’m having so much fun with all this. But at some point I’ll have to decide…maybe when I start typing the thing? {8′>

Have fun out there!

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